Who We Are

We are a Salesforce consulting agency based in Atlanta, Georgia. Learn more about us here.

Why We Exist

For Small Businesses

Many small business owners need a CRM like Salesforce to manage and grow their business effectively; however, small businesses typically do not have the $50,000 implementation budget or $5,000 monthly maintenance that might be a starting point for larger organizations.

We offer implementations and support specifically to meet the needs of small businesses looking to lay the foundations for scaling their business with Salesforce.

For Mid-Market Businesses

Mid-market organizations frequently will engage with Salesforce partners to address specific project or implementation needs as well as to augment internal resources for ongoing maintenance and enhancements. Cloud Trailz provides technical assessments to understand your needs and the current status of your Salesforce org. We partner with Marketwake to provide mid-market implementation and consulting services.

What we do:


Salesforce Text Message Answers

Free Text Answers!

Got a question quick about Salesforce? Text QUESTION to 678-974-0665 and we will be happy to help out however can!

We also host a blog to share tips, tutorials, and stories to help reinforce what we’ve learned and help others!

Salesforce Network Lunch Meeting


We coordinated (approximately) monthly networking lunches in the Midtown area of Atlanta, GA.

Text LUNCH to 678-974-0665 to join the invite list!

Salesforce Project and Implementation

Small Business

Do you have a smaller project or support need without a the budget required to engage with many larger consulting agencies? Whether you are looking to implement/re-implement Salesforce or just need some ongoing support when you get stuck, we are here to help.

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Do you have a large project and not sure where to get started? We’ll help identify your needs, run a technical assessment, and connect you with our partner, Marketwake to offer you agile project management, experienced business analysts, and a team of certified Salesforce professionals.

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