1. Intro Call

We are always happy to join calls with potential customers to build rapport and be available for technical and implementation questions.

Use this link to view and reserve availablity from an AE on the Cloud Trailz team and add your prospect or send your own direct invite. 

Book a Call



2. Discovery Call

These calls are typically an hour long and focused on reverse demo and business process discovery conversation.  These calls may include a Cloud Trailz SE for expertise around particular products or needs identified in the intro call.

3. Demo

Sometimes, seeing is believing.  Cloud Trailz can facilitate building and presenting a demo to help demonstrate the value of Salesforce and solutions to particular business needs.

4. Proposal

We like to call it a project plan.  On this call, we like to jointly present Salesforce license pricing and the implementation deliverables, cost, and timeline.

How We Help

  1. Supplementing or augmenting internal SE resources for answering technical questions, designing solutions, and providing demos
  2. Offering 3rd party recommendation/perspective for prospective customers
  3. Building raport and understanding context to provide a smooth transition into implementation
  4. Alligning your account strategy and our project plan together

How We Collaborate

Google Calendar

The Book a Call page is the best place to schedule someone from the Cloud Trailz team when introducing a new client/prospect since that link pools availability across the team.  After that, we are happy to share availability through Google calendar which allows you to send combined availability of Salesforce and Cloud Trailz resources through Salesforce Inbox.


We have Quip 360 that we use for opportunity notes with a dedicated tab for Salesforce AE quip notes.  This is a great way to share context provided from and SDR or previous call.


Anyone from the Salesforce team can create a Slack channel and invite Cloud Trailz to it through Slack Connect.  Due to Salesforce security permissions, Cloud Trailz cannot create or own the channel

Recorded Calls

Sometimes schedules don’t align or a customer asks for a partner intro further down the road in the conversation.  Any recorded intro, discovery, and demo calls can help provide a more seamless transition to implementation for the customer.


Frequently Asked Questions


How long does implementation take?

Most of our accelerated quick start projects are completed within 2-6 weeks.

How much does implementation cost?

Typical Quick Start Pricing

  • Sales Cloud: $6k – $9k (2-3 weeks)
  • Service Cloud: $8k – $12k (3-5 weeks)
  • Customer Community: $4k – $6k (1-3 weeks)
  • Partner Community: $4k – $6k (2-3 weeks)
  • Pardot: $5k – $8k (3-5 weeks)
  • Maps: $3k – $6k (2-3 weeks)

What products can Cloud Trailz implement?

Core Competencies:

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Customer Communities
  • Partner Communities
  • Pardot

Additonal Specialties

  • CPQ
  • Maps
  • Non Profit

Not typically a fit:

  • Marketing Cloud
  • Field Service Lightning
  • Commerce Cloud
  • CPQ Billing
  • Tableu/Einstein Analytics

Services (Engagement Models)

Admin on Demand

“I just want to import my data.”

Fixed Cost

“I need to be live in 6 weeks”

Monthly Retainer

“I need some hourly help.”

Managed Services

“I want you to run our Salesforce.”


“We don’t know where to start.”

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