Each time I pass a Salesforce certification, I try to share some tips, lessons learned, new perspectives, and what I did to help others who might be considering the same path.

I’ve got an opinion about #Salesforce certifications!

A few of them actually.

I compiled all the blog posts and LinkedIn posts I’ve written after passing a certification.

After passing my Advanced Admin cert, I made the recommendation to plan on studying 50-100 hours on top of everything to pass the first admin cert.

For my 6th certification, Deployment Lifecycle and Deployment Designer, I studied for about an hour in total and suggested that experience is better preparation than studying.

Now I’m looking to take the Platform Developer 1 cert next. There will definitely be studying.

That will be my 7th cert when I get it, and one of my best friends and colleagues, Ben Fuller is still on #1. Half of what I know about Salesforce, I learned from him though, including a lot of what was tested in my last certification around best practices for deployments.

Here’s the point: there are many different paths in a Salesforce career. I encourage everyone in the Salesforce Ohana to keep learning, keep growing, and pass it forward in whatever way is right for you.

Advanced Administrator

Blog Post: Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator – ADM 211 – Exam Tipshttps://www.linkedin.com/embed/feed/update/urn:li:share:6436388114683478016

Sales Cloud Consultant


Certified ScrumMaster


Platform App Builder

Blog Post: How I Passed the Salesforce Platform App Builder Certificationhttps://www.linkedin.com/embed/feed/update/urn:li:share:6561601539931193344

Service Cloud Consultant


Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer

Blog Post: Salesforce Certifications: How Many is Too Many?

LinkedIn Post:

LinkedIn Post:https://www.linkedin.com/embed/feed/update/urn:li:share:6593490507387723776JOHN KNIGHTOCTOBER 28, 20190 LIKES