Defined Projects

Defined projects mitigate against ballooning costs and expanding timelines by defining clear project deliverables for a fixed cost. Typically these are effective when leveraging new areas of the Salesforce platform, first time integrations from the AppExchange, or reimplementations. If you have a clear ‘end in mind’ this is the best choice of engagement.

Accelerated Quick Starts 

Quick start projects help you get up and running with a new product for the first time. Quick Starts are available for Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Customer Community, Partner Community, Pardot.  This offering is typically for companies getting started with a product for the first time and want to implement best practices and get full value of the platform early on.

Custom Projects

Already have Salesforce in place and looking for some enhancements, integrations, new apps, or other project work? Custom project scopes are perfect for re-implementations, Salesforce Org merges, and configuring additional functionality.  This offering is for companies that have specific needs outside of a quick start.

Cloud Spark Quick Starts

Quick starts are ideal for implementing a Salesforce Cloud for the first time. The goal is to get your team from nothing to operational in 3-5 weeks. We will create a custom scope with you to match your specific needs.

Sales Cloud

Example Project Deliverables: Lead and Opportunity stages with path guidance, Data import from spreadsheet or old CRM, Approval Processes, Product and Price books with revenue and product scheduling, Quote management with automated Quote PDF or contract generation, Reports and Dashboards, User permissions and security

Service Cloud

Example Project Deliverables: Email-to-case and web-to-case configuration, Data import from spreadsheet or old CRM Cases processes with milestones, escalation rules, entitlements, and SLAs, Digital engagement (eg, web chat, Facebook Messenger, Twitter), Reports and Dashboards, User permissions and security

Customer Community

Example Project Deliverables: Creating and managing cases within the community, Knowledge base configuration for customer self-service, Company logos and branding, Customer Self-registration, User permissions and security

Partner Community

Example Project Deliverables: Deal registration process, Lead distribution to partner teams, Collaborative co-selling with opportunity management, Distribution of marketing collateral User permissions and security


Example Project Deliverables: Integration with Salesforce, Static and Dynamic list building, Email journey templates

    Custom Projects


    For one reason or another, Salesforce sometimes needs an overhaul to optimize it for the business process. Re-implementation project can establish best practices and streamline functionality to align with business processes while maintaining existing functionality.

    Org Merges

    Did your company recently go through an acquisition or merger and now you are looking to merge two Salesforce orgs together? Salesforce org merge project account for the unique data structures, automation, and business processes in each org while combining them into a single unified Salesforce org.


    Salesforce is a platform that allows for building out custom functionality based on business needs. Common examples include project management, applicant tracking, and time tracking.


    All of our services can be managed in a multitude of structures.


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