About the client

A commercial real estate broker focusing on the multi-family property industry.

About the Solution

  • Salesforce Maps

“What I would’ve thought was the solution, was not the most efficient solution.”


For this COO of a commercial real estate broker, Salesforce had taken a turn.

His company had decided to use Salesforce Maps to visualize data from a custom object that collects information about the multi-family properties they have in their portfolio. The problem: he was the only person trying to figure out how to make it all work, distracting him from more productive tasks.

“I had no bandwidth,” he told us. “I was wearing many hats.”

Finally, he decided he needed help. Referred to Cloud Trailz by his Salesforce Account Executive, he provided a wishlist of three things, and from there the work began.

“We’re in real estate. We operate on the importance of location. Having a solution that was able to visually map our data is essential, versus looking at properties in a list view.”

What we finally delivered was such a great solution for his sales team he would only agree to let us share his story if we kept his name, his company, and his location anonymous. He doesn’t want any of his competitors to gain this advantage as well.

“It’s been able to help us better identify the health of opportunities, where our teams’ efforts are focused, and where we may have gaping holes,” he said.

Because he had already tried to implement Salesforce Maps, he had first-hand knowledge that what Cloud Trailz came up with was a better approach.

“It still accomplished our end goal, and it did it many ways better than I would’ve been able to identify on my own,” he said. “That’s where I saw the value in partnering with Cloud Trailz – to get this launched.”

Salesforce solutions can be complex – but our approach is that they shouldn’t have to be complex to use. This COO, with his multiple hats, definitely appreciated that aspect.

“Part of the strength of Cloud Trailz’ work is that I wasn’t forced to learn more about Salesforce. The team implemented it in such a way that I know how to make basic tweaks to this particular program, but I didn’t need to learn the skillset.”

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