What We Do & How We Got Here

We believe in having a defined mission, vision, and values. We abide by and operate under these guiding principles to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship with all of our clients and colleagues.

Our Company Mission & Client Vision



Cloud Trailz provides small-medium businesses the path to operational excellence with the Salesforce platform by delivering the right expertise at the right scale.


We aim to be the premier implementation partner for small-medium businesses globally through exceptional Salesforce acumen, trusted recommendations, and industry thought leadership.




What Matters To Us


We want to be ourselves with our “office family” just as much as with our “personal family”. Sometimes we are silly, sometimes sad, sometimes having a party. Whatever the case, we like to be ourselves on and off the clock.


Regardless of any background or identity, we want every to be included and have the opportunity to grow in their Salesforce career.


We like to teach our clients anything they want to learn, not leave them in the dark. We encourage our team to learn on trailhead, get certifications, and work though new challenges. Learning comes in many forms and is an ongoing process.



We have brought together some of the best minds on our team and we work with some of the smartest leaders in the business world. We believe that collaboration leads to exceptional results that would otherwise be impossible to achieve.


Meet Our Leadership Team

John Knight

John Knight

Chief Executive Officer

Todd Giddens

Todd Giddens

Chief Operating Officer

Ben Fuller

Ben Fuller

Chief Revenue Officer


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We provide expert Salesforce consulting services for small and high growth businesses looking to scale. We enable your organization to quickly see and measure results to help make building customer relationships more efficient.